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I don't think it feels abandoned. At all. I'm always starting new characters and see the starting planets filled with people all the time. I also see fleet constantly busy and the other planets have many people as well. So I don't get where you are under the impression that this game feels abandoned. Sure, it doesn't have 100 people every square game mile, but it has lots of people.

And let's be honest. Sometimes there can be too MANY people.
constantly repeats and even edits the OP with big bold letters saying im refering to dynamic events, whole forum gets up in arms and has a continues flid about the population.

Yes i did mention the population isn't what it could be but thats me pointing out a single consequence but on the whole i dont have a problem with that.

When a thread that states its about one thing and everyone gets defensive about another that is proof that the OTHER is a real problem that they have already acknowledged but again its not my problem and i dont know how i could have made the OP clearer that i feel the game is abandoned by EAWARE and not the players although in every guild iv been in only 1 in about 20 still play the game but again thats not what im talking about.

*sighs and walks away
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