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I have to say there's a lot of truth in this. It seems the veteran posters on this forum will actively go out of their way to put down new posters and ridicule their ideas even if they may have some merit. Some of these vets respond constructively but many of them just troll these threads. If you at some of the longer threads, something like up to half of all posts on the thread can come from one of these veteran posters. And most of these posts will be nothing more than insults and name calling.

To me, this is is trolling and forum moderators should put down the boot unless they want to cater to these cliques instead of the rest of the player base.

And really, these users post a lot of insulting stuff. And they post so frequently that in last two weeks I've already come to know something like 10 of them by name.
I agree and it was one of the contributing factors for my leaving the first time. Now I have a much, much, longer ignore list, some haters, but mostly the "BioDrones"

Makes viewing the forums much less depressing and the threads are often really really short now
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