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Didn't they JUST add Galactic Starfighter?
To me that is one of the signs they are just milking it for cash.

If they were REALLY into the whole MMO and building a future GSF would have been a lot different:
1) The hanger would have been a place, with ships in it. Not a dialog box that looks like the main screen of an iPad game

2) The "lol new" companions would actually exist what is next, planets that only have a still picture and cannot be visited?

3) The ships would have been actual locations you could go to and walk around in. lol, of course that would have been hard, what would have been in the crew members seat for the new companions, a picture in a frame?

GSF is not integrated into the MMO at all, in fact I would not be 1 bit surprised if they released it as an app on crApple or crApdriod. They are a perfect match