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12.15.2013 , 11:07 AM | #74
Well, I've played Galactic Star-fighter enough to give my two cents:

*Over all I like GS, but it does have some minor flaws.

*Why can't I alter/upgrade my ship while in Q? I feel that this is a silly rule that needs to be fixed. I'm not doing anything else but sitting there. Why make me hold up my team in-between matches?

*Can we map the 1-4 ship abilities to a different button? Or at the very least allow me to reassign then as I see fit? I play on a 47 inch TV & it is VERY difficult to look down at my keyboard to push a button & then back up to my TV in a type of game-play where every twitch and second counts. I get killed more often than I get kills when trying to use said abilities. I'd personally like to see them mapped to the scroll wheel.

Overall grade: A-

PS: When are getting Galactic pod racer?
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