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Asking for MORE "free stuff" just because you are a sub is the EXACT definition of entitlement. You do not have a right to anything more than what is described in the TOS. What is even more ridiculous is when people say they are being treated unfairly. IF you are, you have the right to leave but you are not entitled to anything more than what you are given.

Don't like it? Cry some more.

Lol. And way to leave part of the definition out:

: the feeling or belief that you deserve to be given something (such as special privileges)

Asking for some more stuff does not mean you think you deserve it. I can ask someone for more cake, it doesn't mean i think i deserve more cake.

Theres a difference between asking and demanding. Demanding = entitlement. Asking = not entitlement.

I've just won this argument. You can go back to daycare now.