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There will Always be Doom and Gloomers the Same OP will say the same thing about Wildstar ESO and Titanfall after they burn through all the content and see that they don't have events every two hours there either.. i love how some people think the newest thing out or coming out soon is going to be the Holy Grail of MMO's and change everything when in fact they end up being Average or a Disappointment
I don't think that at all, in fact i expect very little and im circling total disregard for PC gaming itself in a rapidly decaying orbit but there are games, MMOs, mods of games that do exactly what im asking after years and are still to this day packed with players and developer involvement as a PVPer those games dont have the balance and attention to PVP i demand but those i point towards those games are always shocked at how lively they are and that's not say i don't play them at all.

Its no secret this game has fallen horribly short of its intended population if you think its doing well your sorely mistaken its NOT, go take take a look at the WOW server browser and then this game's server browser and then look up how much money has been spent making this game, then look up failure.

Live dynamic events is a way to make the user feel like they are in a highly active and busy environment, it shows caring and attention from the developers to both the top geared 55 and level 1 noob alike. it creats a sense of spontaneity and excitement to get involved with these things WHILE THEY'RE HAPPENING. Yes its not really all that much for most part beyond treats for the attentive but its called posotive reinforcement and above all benefits the most important player to us, the NEWBS! you think i really want these things at 55? i just want to see direct involvement by the developers the point is to keep the leveling newbies interested and excited while the trudge towards the endgame content that we enjoy.

Sure i enjoy the gree event, the bounty broker thing, things like that but why are they so rare? i mean were paying for this can they not be bothered? whats to stop the gree being on a daily bases? then the ship just takes off and npcs and orbs and boxes and crystals don't re-spawn, . why isnt a dread guard cruiser flying over kaas city and dropping a ton of HKs down each day, wheres Revan? this galaxy is in a permanent stalemate and doing nothing when it could be in a raging war but there are no attacks, no surprises, no bonuses, the player base might be alive but the GAME that we occupy is totally and utterly dead and forgotten.

and GSF is a joke, a clone of starconflict as someone already said, i didnt care for that game why would i care about this one, even makeb is dead, they add the content and leave us to it so what? thats the builders of this theme park now where the hell are the organizers? all i see is gift shops.
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