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There will Always be Doom and Gloomers the Same OP will say the same thing about Wildstar ESO and Titanfall after they burn through all the content and see that they don't have events every two hours there either.. i love how some people think the newest thing out or coming out soon is going to be the Holy Grail of MMO's and change everything when in fact they end up being Average or a Disappointment
Hard to argue with this statement. I guess the problem is that until A.I is created, people will always burn through content faster than creators can keep up. Before I got into MMO's, I always thought that the reason you payed every month is so they could afford to keep pumping out the story but even the best can't keep up with die hard players.

I look forward to the day when A.I takes over in gaming and every NPC has a life and mind and the stories never end. I however do not look forward to them reading this forum, deciding we're too stupid to live and nuking us all.

The future.....
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