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to the op, since release 2 maps were added to warzones not just 1. Also, Makeb was not the only planet added, there is also Oricon and CZ-198. Also, rakghouls are returning in a new way for a new event next year. There is also the life day event coming next week right after the bounty event ends. As for GSF, people like it the que times would not be so low otherwise, and the whole thing has not technically been completely released yet, we are still in early access, bombers and infiltrators are still on the way, and the flashpoints and story to accompany GSF. I understand that some people don't like it but many still do, again as evidenced by the low que times.
Oricon and Czerka aren't really full planets though, just extra areas for dailies located on planets. Apples and Oranges, I know.
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