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I don't see it as getting a free item. I see it as a form of celebration. A celebration that BioWare doesn't seem to really appreciate. The SWG example was a good one, it showed you just how much it meant to the developers.

That's how I see it. I look at is a measurement of how much BioWare themselves appreciate the two year mark. To me they really don't seem that excited.
^^This. This is the issue. If I gave my wife a free sponge as her 2 year wedding anniversary gift, I'd be a thoughtless jerk because I would be showing just how little care or thought I was putting into our celebration.

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But yeah... everyone have fun with your limited stack of fireworks... and don't forget to buy your hypercrates of gambling packs. Also, your subscription is due.
Ouch dude, you just bruised my heart with that truth.
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