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IMO Bioware did exactly the same thing as WoW did, when it went live first.

They copied the good stuff from previous MMOs and added some new stuff, that others did not have before (okay, Wow did hardly do that last part, they mostly just copied other MMOs, but that is not the topic).

Bioware was designing a Themepark MMO. That was known from the start. It was known from the start that it would be class and level based and it would have skill trees. And to be honest, I do not care for a skill comparison with WoW. I play a game for the whole package and for the ammount of fun I get from playing it, and in that case SWTOR is lightyears ahead of WoW FOR ME. Millions of players who play WoW and not SWTOR see it different, but that does not matter, as it is okay to have different opinions.

The OP got the opinion, that SWTOR did not deliver enough stuff within 2 years to make him pay for another GTC... that is his personal opinion and it is okay.

It is my opinion, that SWTOR is evolving well enough for me to keep my subscription and that is okay as well.
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