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Second-guessing professionals while offering up vague ideas and suggestions is, I think, the very opposite of 'productive.'

It's the sort of thing that overweight football fans do when their favored teams don't perform up to the fans' expectations. And it's usually done from an overstuffed armchair while surrounded by beer and snacks.

A fun pastime but mostly insignificant.
...and yet so often those fat guys in arm chair are just using extensive knowledge of their sport coupled with basic common sense and those leading the teams often make huge mistakes that they themselves admit to.

Blind calls by refs, poor player substitutions, stupid play calling, etc. Sometimes an outside pair of eyes can more readily see the mistakes being made than those in the mire of it all.

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Tell me more about this fantasy of yours.
As with so many of the complaints being made here, its just simple observation made without the blindness of fanboi goggles.
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Calm down, I'd hardly call that whining. He just asked a question. Go have a coffee and calm down. Jeepers.
Lunafox nailed it. This is correct.