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12.15.2013 , 09:00 AM | #35
I support this idea, although I tend to doubt they'll implement it just because it has the potential to seriously undercut the $$$ they make on Collections Unlocks. I suppose if they price it right they can still turn it into a win.

There might be one significant unintended consequence, however: an uptick in people "Need" rolling on tier pieces/high end gear for their alts and screwing over groupmates in PUGs. It's not that widespread a problem now even though they could technically transfer the mods from such loot through existing legacy gear, but the temptation to "ninja" might be a lot higher if they can quickly and easily ship over the entire piece with the Shell's look intact.

If they do implement it, they could integrate the function into the existing Modification Table interface, so it shouldn't be too terribly hard to make work.
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