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You said 16 man can cheese mechanics and you've given zero evidence of this so far. Cheesing mechanics is like when stealth classes can remove the adds in Withering Horror, not when a fight is shorter than normal due to an unusually low health pool on a boss. Both fights require the same exact mechanics to beat.
Of course you can cheese the mechanics, you can add phases, you can lose more people for laser, you can cheese through multiple dread Monsters, you can cheese through Inferno...

And no, one fight requires you to kill atleast 3-4 add phases before the laser, the other fight requires you to kill 2 add phases before the laser. How is that any different to clearing 4 add phases on WH without an assassin and 2 add phases with an assassin.

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As for losing people, you can lose the exact same percentage of people in 8 man that you can in 16 man and still win. As long as 1 healer, 1 tank, and 1 DPS are alive at the end, you can beat it regardless of how many you started with so that means nothing.
3/8 = 3/16 ?! I dont think so.

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Sorry, but I'm calling complete ******** on your claim. No team has beaten either 16 man NiM TFB or SnV using 8 DPS with full 72 gear or anything even close to that. I certainly don't see your kill shots in the NiM TFB and SnV threads. I see 6 guilds that beat 16 man NiM TFB and SnV and your guild does not appear there nor does any other one that even claimed to beat it with less than 10 DPS during progression. Even then, one of those only beat both of them with full 75 gear after having done it for months in 8 man. You can claim whatever you feel like, but you have no proof.

You can beat Withering Horror with much less people, but that's there's no realistic way to do TFB and most of other bosses with their own DPS checks. It's nice that you have calculated that it can theoretically happen, but it doesn't matter since it never actually did. Based on your ridiculous calculations, a team could have beaten pre-nerf Dread Guards with 4 Juggernaught DPS, but of course that would never actually happen since 4 melee sub-optimal DPS back then would have not worked in reality.
I was not talking about 4 melee dps, i was just talking about the dps requirements for 16 man and 8 man, i never said anything about the dps composition, so don't lie. DPS requirement =/= DPS composition.

16 man had 62% more life with the same enrage timer but with 150% more dps player when they take 10 dps. So simple facts, but hey one can ignore them and instead start attacking other persons and start lieing.

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I have not insulted you at all and you haven't disproven anything I've said. You just make wild claims with no evidence. Also, TFB can easily one shot a tank using the debuff from the orbs in the first phase (2-3 stacks is absurd damage) and getting hit by the tentacle if they don't use their defensive cooldowns appropriately.
Who uses the debuff from orbs on the tanks . Oh and i think i have disproven every wrong Information with my posts.
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