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12.15.2013 , 06:16 AM | #3
Ya, that list does look bad. As someone who just came back near the release time. *Quit like 2-3 months after release* I thought this long would be enough for them to get things right.

If what you are saying is true, That really blows that is all that has got added during that time.

I will tell them what I told them during testing of this game.

LFG is needed, they argue about that. *and looks like I was right they added it. Go figure*

Crafting needs to be a huge focus on end game, Lots of former SWG players who enjoyed a very good crafting system. Focus some on the crafting and you will keep some players. Not sure if they did or not.

End game matters, You can have a amazing story that is fine, but once people get to end game, they need more to do. Dailies is a nice staple to keep people busy, but it is not end game, Even wow has learned a lesson about that, and is as we speak changing up how they do things.

I'm not sure why they have not focus on adding the story, maybe it is just too hard? I mean voice acting, tons of classes, each with his or her own story. That in itself might be the problem?

For a MMO to live, it needs steady and GOOD content updates, at a nice speed, If the story is the selling point of this game, why has the story not been touch for so long?

Well like I said in another thread, I'm here to give it another chance, and if it fails, I won't be back. EQ landmark and Next is around the corner.

This all could have been avoided, this game could have been top dog, if you would have just listen to us testers. We warned you, we told you this would happen, and you ignored and told us we are were wrong. That your vision of a mmo is all about story. That LFG took away the social part of a mmo. This is what happens when you don't listen to the players.

and I just saw the picture in my sig, I forgot I that reminds me of how upset I really was at them. lol