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2 Years have passed sind SWTOR was released. Doing a summary shows what we get in this period:

- 1 new planet, with a little basic q line, and some mini qs for both factions.
- 1 new warzone and arenas in pvp
- some cm stuff fur rp players emotes and dye modules
- 2 returning events (gree/bounty) and 2 one-time events (raks n chevin)
- a ****load of new boring meaningless daily quest hubs
- 5 New Ops (i dont considers goldenfury as an extra op...)

well in most other mmos u get this amount of content in less than a year...

ok gsf is out, but i and most of my guild mates dislike gsf. its slow, boring, 2 maps, no joysticks to much for arcade fun, far to less for a real simulator. AND i play a mmo, i wanna play my char(s), if i wanna do some flight simulation stuff i play world of warplanes...
gsf is a minigame for me, something fishing in wow...but u hype it like it is real content ?
for a mmo ?

the problem is, i luv this game, really...its star wars, its lightsabres....its fun but its getting more and more boring. if u do hardcore raids u have nothing else to do. doing dailys for basic or elite comms `why ? as hc raidplayer u just need ultimate comms.
but the only chance to farm them is in operations and some in hc fps. there is no chance to farm them at the morning or in the late night or at least some in solo play.
so i log in do hc raids with my guild and log of.
leveling an alt ? i got enuf of them, and im not interested in doing more of them on the old planets...even with double exp, its boring.
and what if they lvl 55 ? again i need hc raids to improve their gear...

there is no chance to improved ur char without ulti comms....
so what to do ? i dislike gsf, i dont really like pvp, crafting is meaningless as hell...(78 gear still not craftable ??)

now a big amout of my guildmates went inactive, so doing hc raids is getting harder and harder...i dont think u will bring fast new pve content, ur still hyping gsf. so my time seems to be over. i wanna play this game and not wait 2-4 hours a day wating for an operation group.... raidfinding tool stil not provide DF and DP, still no 16 mode ops...not even golden fury...

sorry for my english, germn poster here, btw we are no 2nd class customers. we wanna talk to some1 yellow too, we pay the same subs, we buy the same ccs.

i wont buy another gametime card, i dont think there will be new content soon, and i dont mean nightmare mode for dp and df, only 5% of all pve players will play them. i mean real content for pve, chances to improve ur char. options to spend time with meaningfull things, no 1 needs elite or basic comms besides making money.

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