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Actually, let him try the GSF, it is NOTHING like regular PvP, and people who are really good in PvP usually suck terribly at it.
Regular PvP is a lame stunfest, GSF feels every bit like a hardcore PvP game and you cannot play it casually because you will get destroyed by those who play it a lot. I gave both ground PvP ans GSF valid time and just cannot justify my gaming time playing them. I know many will enjoy GSF but I am sick of PvP in general in all games, It's just not fun anymore to me after 6 years of very hardcore PvP. To raid in endgame you have to deal with total Elitist a-holes unless by some miracle you find a good guild ( hell ya I tried) who actually play a lot. The game is good as far as the story goes but falls flat in the PvP aspect. The skys are dominated by elitists (a different kind) who talk **** if you aren't as good as them and don't care if you are trying to learn. Others will have a different experience and yes, if I stick to it and play it a lot I'll get good at it, problem is I don't enjoy it enough to dedicate that kind of time to it.
Farewell SWTOR and MMOs, I'm going back to consoles and selling my machine ( I only bought it for this game).