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It's annoying how most of the posts attack the OPs opinion like it's forced on them or they just pick it apart.

This game feels lifeless to me. It's sad that one of the biggest things to come, GSF, has nothing to do with the ground game And it's even having a negative effect on the ground game as well by sucking players into space.

I'm running out of alts to level and I recently got a couple more characters to 55. I'm not even sure what to do with my 55's sometimes. All there is to do is run the same ops, multiple times every week for what?? The only thing I feel like I'm working towards is being able to do hardmode ops which don't interest me at all as a casual gamer. I also can't understand why people put up with them either, spending all night trying to make some progress and not even finishing it.
By coming right out the gate and saying the game feels "abandoned" the op should expect to be attacked. Abandoned would mean no new content coming out and the game just on maintenance. This is not the case. You may not like the new content, you may feel it is recycled and derivative (99% of what all mmo's put out is), but this does not mean it is abandoned.

I would love to see some live events put into the game occasionally. As I mentioned in another thread, players have arranged PVP Ops groups on PVE severs on set locations and times to battle it out and gain accomplishments. More of this with some dev input to make them special would be a blast.

Unless you are looking to bring the haters and apologists out in droves to fill your thread, you should beware of using inflammatory statements like that (even if that is just the way you feel and know it is not 100% true).