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I completely agree with the OP and the remarks calling for a fix. It's completely unacceptable. Belts can't go away, because tanks and warrior/knight DPS need them for mods, but nothing says that they can't change comm belts for those folks to be in line with the comm belts for DPS and healers. The last thing this game needs is to create less incentives for players to play tanks (re: HM queue times).

That said, it cannot be that hard to change a loot table (theoretically), so the total BW silence on the matter makes me wonder if it is indeed very much intended as an absurd grind fest. The devs may know better, but, well... how to say this within TOS? They are employees within the project. Sometimes such employees don't get to decide these things.

If we think back to launch and the absurdity of the loot system in those days where the end token for a FP or Ops was class specific, it was an absurd grind for me to gear out. It wasn't difficult, but it was time consuming. I needed RNG for my actual class token to drop. Then, I needed RNG to beat other rollers, including ... ahem, "fellow," gamers that would roll Need without truly needing the piece directly (this was pre-smuggling days, and pre-BH comms days too, btw). It was truly an immensely stupid grind far beyond what it needed to be in terms of my time spent doing it. On the other hand, it kept me playing between March and June, when I otherwise might have left the game had I maxed gear by then (I started raiding later than most; much later). I think as a casual player entering MMOs at the time, I was typical of the player type BW was trying to ensnare in addition to the traditional MMO player. They may have even had more focus on the casuals because of the SW name. However, for every player like me that endured the treadmill, I think more players left the game, but that's for another topic and another time...

Eventually BW changed the class specific token system, and at the time, it seemed like the change was from feedback and getting a little smarter about the loot system. But really, who knows among players precisely why it was done? It may have been a reversal of an original plan to force a grind on a game that they though was going to be WAY more popular than it turned out to be and thus expected players would tolerate the grind. They were wrong about that. This was not the big-MMO slayer they had in mind. Whatever the case, whether it was declining subs and players, knowing new content was coming, or actually making a smart decision, they changed the endgame looting system.

Of course, also in those days, multiple tokens DID drop, even on 8M SM EV, so... there is precedent for that aspect of the system as well. But in that system, I was the last person in my 8M raid to get fully geared up because of the sheer randomness of it. The team was ready to get into HM's and I was still cruising partial Columi due to horrible luck in FPs and Ops and straight out RNG to teammates (we had 5 other players same base class as me).

In any case, I think based on past history, you can expect this to get changed. When will it happen? I'd peg it as no later than March or April. It will come at exactly the time that Nightmare DF and/or DP comes to introduce the next tier of gear... 81's. And if it doesn't change, well the next tier will start to make it irrelevant because with the arrival of a new tier always comes the unlocking of being able to craft the previous tiers.