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The fact that you think any of this is "copy and paste" just shows how little you know about anything that really goes on behind the scenes. Based on that, you can pretty much discount your post as trivial, meaningless ramblings of a kid who has no idea what goes on in the real world.
Right, and what exactly goes on behind the scenes? The SSSP that's supposedly been in the works for years just happens to look (well, with a bit of a downgrade) and play exactly like another f2p game that was released a year before this came out? Even the game modes are the same. Seriously, if you have some insights instead of immature insults, please share them.

Also, I doubt all video game developers enter the industry solely to make money. There's such as a thing as making a profit and pleasing your customer base. Bioware used to make top-quality RPGs and while Bioware-Austin isn't the same company they do still carry the Bioware name. Why do you expect MMO players to pay monthly fees and not expect anything in return? If, like you said, these companies are not here to please their customers and only to take their money, then they need to provide a product that customers are willing to pay for. And THAT is why people will post about things they would like see added to game... and don't forget, the only people who post here are people who pay. So they have a right to ask for certain things (otherwise what are they paying for?).

Edit: Hmm, upon further consideration I'm going to have to report your post because I think posts like yours make the forums toxic. Not that I think it will actually result in anything but I thought I'd let you know anyway as a... formality.