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Being that much of a negative person that you think getting free things is a sad joke must be very depressing. Try smiling more, you'll be healthier.
I am not being negative at all.

Here is people like you: So, you get a free rotten cheese burger. But, you should be glad you got something for free and sthu. You want to live in a sub-par world with "free" things...enjoy the mediocrity.

Free doesn't me good, worthy, or quality. Just because something is "free" doesn't mean it is worth a crap.

here is an analogy.

1) Promoting a average product with average quality and putting average effort into it expecting people who pay a monthly fee for this average product to be happy with table scraps.


2) Pushing your staff to do the best and be the best at everything they do making a superior and quality product which everyone can be proud of in so doing making the consumer and most of all subscribers amazed and happy in all things.

Which one do you think Bioware is with SWTOR heh? With "rewards" and "celebrations" like this it's obvious it is not the second one. I would be embarrassed to work at Bioware to be honest. Face it buddy, if this game didn't have the Star Wars logo and lightsabers with Sith and Jedi in it, it would have died LONG AGO.

You either DO SOMETHING RIGHT....or don't bother!!!