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Well people complain no matter what they give them. Give them a pet? People whine because they don't use pets (I sure don't), give them a speeder and they whine that it's not as cool as the cartel market ones or that it isn't exclusive enough because now everyone has one (yes that was a complaint with the speeder we got recently), give them 500CC so they can buy something they want and it's not creative enough.
There is no winning for BioWare in this...

Honestly, if I was in charge, I wouldn't give the players anything for the 2nd anniversary... I'd ask what they were willing to give me since I have provided them with a game for 2 years...
and my reply would be the sub fee every month not to mention any cartel coin purchases. are you really that dumb? have you not played any other MMO game?? the people at bioware don't give a crap about its players it never has! it was obvious back when it was in beta! this game was published for a quick money grab and the only reason its still around is to bleed as much money as possible from us with as little effort as possible