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I mean... Players have been begging and pleading for real space combat for just about two years now. Bioware has been working on incorporating this for a very long time.

I can understand the frustration at only having two maps right now but I for one am glad to finally be able to play competitive space combat against other players whenever I want to. id rather play it now and get bored of the same maps than wait 6 months for 6 maps that I would get bored with in a slightly longer period of time.
and yet it took them two years to copy star conflict and still get it wrong. star conflict has been our for a year now and even though its still in beta its WAY better than GSF. and to say you would much rather have a rushed out product with less content so you can get bored with it soon than wait a lil longer to have even more content that will take you even longer to get bored with just sounds stupid you know that right??