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12.14.2013 , 08:01 PM | #32
I really want this feature. A cartel market and or crafted item that will make any adaptive piece in the game a "bind on legacy" piece. I have 16 toons, 1 of each class, on the harbinger, and mirror the my commando and mercenary for example have the same build and share the same legacy armor that I already have. It would be nice to have this suggested item because, quite frankly, the legacy gear I have to choose from is so limited and I am not happy with the way all my toons look. Part of the appeal of any mmo is to be able to customize your toons appearance to your liking. I think its great that there is gear that is bound to legacy, but the fact that there are so few pieces of legacy gear really takes away from my enjoyment.

I'd also like to note that the primary reason that I don't spend cartel coins on gear that is offered on the cartel market, gear that drops in cartel packs, or gear that is crafted by players is that they are not BOL. The convenience of BOL gear far outweighs my vanity.

While Im on the subject, PLEASE take away the class restrictions from the original legacy gear found on the homeworlds. Some of those pieces look really nice, but they are useless for anything except transferring mods, and that costs way to many credits as it is.