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I think adding dynamic events beyond what we've seen with the Gree event would be good for the game - I'm curious just how the new Rakghoul Event is going to play out in that regard.

BUT considering "events" like that the only sort of content that counts towards not having the game feel "abandoned" is kind of ridiculous. We've had new Ops, new FPs, new recurring events, new PVP maps/modes, and now GSF. I get that some of these modes aren't for everyone, but if *none* of it is doing anything for ya, you may want to find a game that caters specifically to the niche you're looking for.

How many Star Wars games in recent memory have had more in-depth space modes that that?

Going back as far as KotOR II (which had a similar on-rails minigame) the only ones I can think of are Battlefront II (I never played the PSP Battlefronts, did they have space?) and SWG - Jump to Lightspeed. Empire at War had space combat in a tactical sense, but no twitch space fighting. I don't think there was any space combat in The Force Unleashed series, any of the "Clone Wars" branded games, the Clone Commando series, the Star War Kinect game, or Lethal Alliance.

I think GSF wins "Best Star Wars Space Game of the last 8 years" by default.
EAware copied SOE's Clone Wars mmo, you know that right?