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It feels abandoned because it is. Anyone disagreeing with that statement are just those whom still have interest in the game and/or don't want to see all their time and involvement wasted.

TOR survives solely on the cartel market and it's lackluster items. New content, bug fixes and overall quality and efficiency is way, way lacking in comparison with most MMOs. Especially ones with the budget similar to SWTOR.

The reality is, in my opinion, this game, for the most part, is considered a industry flop by EAware. Does it still generate profit? Perhaps, but likely nowhere near where they envisioned. I'd imagine this game is considered more of a burden than a blessing to EA. Could be a matter of time before they start making moves to wrap it up. That's just my opinion based strictly on the ethics of business and economics, and has nothing to do with my personal grudges with TOR.

That being said, this game is not awful. But the long-term player sustainability is.
Horrible opinion-based judgment calls are awesome.

also, lying is a bad thing, you should stop.
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Infernixx nailed it. This is correct.
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There is no excuse for any single use item to ever cost more than a month's subscription. Anyone who pays $10 or $20 for a single use item is hastening the death of TOR and feeding the rise of TOR:The Cash Shop Menace.