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Yes i get that sometimes we get expansions but that's not what im talking about at all and if anything they feel like an occasional cooky to keep us quiet, something they can just throw in and forget about, they aren't actually organizing or really animating the galaxy to its full potential or any potential, the world doesn't breath, it doesn't move, nothing happens except NPCs re spawning after we kill em. what events we do get is a feeble example of what should be happening all the time. end of the day im paying a sub to repeat the same content over and over. I dont expect BW to constantly add new content thats absurd i do however eexpect them to play with that content as organisers of the game as much as they expect us to play it.

And if i were to look at it from a PVE'ers point of view it is shameful how little that is done, again im not going to cite other games or mods of other games(advertising) but compared to these other games iv tried this game doesnt even begin to involve the player with the game world but im a PVPer so what i don't get in those games is balance hence im still here but by the skin of my teeth's interest. i could go on but hopefully you see what i mean and if your happy with what the game is giving you then fine but when you log back in see many players are inactive in your guild and tell me your in a majority.
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