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12.14.2013 , 03:54 PM | #12
my other MMo is currently Neverwinter.

it does something like what OP is referring to. every hour or so, some bonus is going on.

it feels spontaneous for the first couple of days, and then people start to minmax. good luck finding a group for a skirmish outside of skirmish bonus window. dungeon delves are not as bad (since rewards are just an extra meh item) but still. pvp queues are not as bad outside of bonus windows, bit still...

it regiments you and for a lot of people it will end up , well forcing is not a good word, but almost cajoling them into drastically changing their playstyle and it becomes just another piece of routine.

its an illusion. and not even particularly awesome one. I mean... I personally got tired of GW2 "dynamic events" within a week of regular playing. and judging how annoying it can be to find people to do them with nowadays, unless you luck out? so did quite a few other people. same idea for rift's rifts.

not that its not fun occasionally, but making it common as odd as it sounds, removes a lot of the fun and doesn't make the game feel like its getting a lot of content after a while. its just same old recycled stuff.

what makes the game not feel abandoned is new content. new events. and SWTOR may not have been getting those as often as people would like (and possibly they could do better, offer more) but its been getting them. so no, its not abandoned.