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Interesting. So its a DPS loss substituting QD for AS huh. If what you say is right then at sub 30% rotation changes to

Snipe Snipe - (QD/FT) - Aimed Shot - (QD/FT) - Speed Shot - (QD/FT) repeat
Not a loss, but not a gain. Given the surge and crit talents for QD, it theoretically should be superior but given the dependence on RNG, it's really not a gain or loss in practice.

But yeah, I found the best results swapping out followthrough for quickdraw.
Here's an example parse of where I do that:

You can see there,
24.74 DPS per activation of QD, 3/6 Mainhand crits.
28.56 DPS per activation of AS. 8/17 Mainhand crits.
Given the crits, the variation in the two is pretty close to 0. In a typical fight, you wouldn't expect that many AS to crit so you could expect it to fall a little bit, even closer to the statistic for QD

More data analysis:
15.70 DPS per activation of TS 13/52 Mainhand crits. Very typical crits for trickshot. Keep in mind though that this parse in particular was one with QD swapped in but I highly doubt you'd really see different numbers. What does the difference in TS and QD mean? Well, considering the difference is 9.04 DPS. What this means is that my swapping out TS for QD yielded a DPS increase of 54.24 in that particular parse.

This parse by Berry has similar results.
29.35 DPS/activation of Quickdraw (small sample size, high crit ratio. 3/4 mainhand crits)
26.27 DPS/activation AS (closer to the projected mean in crits)
16.33 DPS/activation of Trickshot.

This one as well by Lumine for good measure.
22.23 DPS/activation of Takedown.
22.97 DPS/activation of AS.
16.43 DPS/activation of Trickshot.
Kind of a bizarre parse to me. This one may not be as useful for this idea because of then number of rifle shots compared to my and Berry's parses, but the raw numbers you can see are still supportive of QD>TS.

Given these numbers, I'd say there is statistical support for swapping out TS for QD, if energy allows. The energy cost is equal with the 4pc but that won't make up for flyby being... flyby.

Big picture: Trickshot isn't that great damage-wise. It's a great use of energy, and if we're modelling energyPS, it's the best out there. But, that's not what were doing. Subbing out trickshots for quickdraw will have superior effects across the board in regards to raw damage output and expect criticals (surge is the same). One important thing to note for this math is that the 4pc still holds merit for Sharpshooters/Marksmen. In fact, in fights where flyby isn't always viable (I'm looking at you Dread Council), swapping out the 2pc for the 4pc might even be superior.
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