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12.13.2013 , 10:19 AM | #116
Just thought I'd echo this again. The RNG on this implant, in particular, is infuriating. My main is a tank, and my raid group, since tanks cannot buy implants with at least the proper stat allocation, has prioritized tanks getting their implants. However, with people's schedules and life agro, I jump around to heal, or will PUG into or raid on my alts with other teams. Without fail, I consistently see implants when not on my main. I dont' think implants need to be legacy passable or anything, but good lord it's been 2 months of belt on my main, implants on alts. There really has to be some sort of better solution somewhere...

As a side note, if anyone on POT5 is having trouble getting their implants for their raid group and wants to use the RNG gods laughing at me to help gear our their group.

Bumped for justice.
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