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So have we and 8 man is significantly easier in almost every fight so the only delusional people are those like you. The fact that you have better gear than we did when we did it (before nerf) and struggle with any aspect of the fight (after nerf) just shows the difference in skill. Hence, my point in that 8 man guilds that can only do 16 man content with superior gear and more experience is proven.
This is soo eye roll... You don't know anything about my group. You don't know what gear we have, you don't know if we have skill or if we don't. So don't sit there with your little epeen hanging out making assumptions.

The only thing you do know is that on our first time in 16m hm dp we breezed through the entire place up until the final phase of Dread Council. I am sure your super friends and you cleared all of it on your first attempt and laughed at all the others whose epeens are clearly smaller and more insignificant than yours.

The truth is that real progression raiders are laughing at you while they do 16m content because you think its hard.
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