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12.13.2013 , 04:19 AM | #39
If you expected a good 2nd anniversary reward, you're at the wrong game. SWTOR is pretty bad at making the right decisions and giving the right rewards. They will never ever learn and they clearly don't care about what we say about them on the forums. F2P, preferred or sub, it doesn't matter what you are they only now care about cold, hard profit while in the first 6 months of the game, the player stood at the center.

I've been playing this from the beginning and the faults BW made are to numerous to mention. BW if you want this game to last on the long term you'll have to start giving something back to the people. As of Galactic Starfighter, your latest gig. I'd have been happier if you waited 4 months and released it with 4 to 5 maps, the bomber included, possible space flashpoints and/or ops. You played your cards and it's getting dull for a lot of people already.

Want to make this a memorable 2nd anniversary/life day. Make an event filled with sillyness and humor, bring out a specific festive armor set, only availble now and not again next year. Give out a new race especially for the 2nd anniversary. Work with a gift system. Try some good PR cause we all know you need it.