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How dare Bioware try to give you free stuff that wasn't the exact free stuff that you wanted! They are a terrible evil company for giving away free stuff.
Yes, how dare they be such an unimaginative bunch and add stupid fireworks no-one cared about the first time around when these appeared and most players destroyed them as soon as they got them! And GS paintjobs, indeed, for those who don't give a rat's tail about that feature anyway!

Free stuff or no, they need to use more imagination when giving rewards to customers who have stayed loyal since the game was launched, to show their appreciation and simply to say "thanks for sticking with us!" instead of completely useless and boring crap. Add some nice minipet, like a jawa or something and so on, something what will not affect the gameplay but is fun to have and to show at the same time, instead of completely bland and boring and useless stuff in every instance.
Been there, done that.