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So have we and 8 man is significantly easier in almost every fight so the only delusional people are those like you. The fact that you have better gear than we did when we did it (before nerf) and struggle with any aspect of the fight (after nerf) just shows the difference in skill. Hence, my point in that 8 man guilds that can only do 16 man content with superior gear and more experience is proven.
Actually 16 man hm in the current tier is way easier then 8 man (assuming you have groups of equal level), there's not a single fight were you would need more then 8 dps, so you could go with 6 healers for all the hm content without problems, for example.

The only fight i would consider a little bit more difficult in 16 man is Dread Masters and that's mainly because the optimal tactic for the first phase of the boss depends a lot on the group setup and you need a slightly better preparation before entering the final phase. The rest is easier.

8 Man guilds usually have problems with 16 man because of
a) a lot of lag, as they might no have upgraded their pc for 16 man Operation (there's quite a big Performance difference between 8 and 16 man)
b) not having equally good people or not even enough people to get a full group

Draxxus, Corruptor Zero, Brontes, Bestia, Tyrans and Raptus all have mechanics that can be cheesed away on 16 man. For Nefra and Grob'Thok you could theoretically take more then 8 healers and still wouldnt have problems with enrage.

Of course group communication and coordination is more difficult when you have double the people in the raid. But in terms of actual requirements for each individual person, 8 man was always more difficult (atleast as long as i remember) then 16 man.
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