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12.12.2013 , 07:02 PM | #73
I'd like to say that I am completely into this facet of the game!!!!!

I have been flying and dogfighting hard for a week now and really getting a feel for the subtleties of being a republic fighter pilot... makes me reminiscent of the whole rogue squadron series of books...

Good work ! look forward to the future content...

A new space battle arena with variation of objectives would be cool too -

For all those having a whinge about the time it takes to learn the basics - you're earning good XP and Credits for every mission you compete in - way quicker to level doing this than running around completing monotonous, repetitive tasks on planets...

Finally, guild buddies & I all agree turrent kills are a highly frustrating... especially when you do all the work and then the turrent finishes them off...... not sure if you can do anything about this I suspect not as they serve an important purpose.... overall BIG THUMBS UP !