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Wow, I'm torn.

Do I put watermelonfan on ignore because he made this badly-thought-out, self-centered request and is now throwing a 4-year-old tantrum about it?

Or do I keep him off ignore because it's such a LOLfest?

What function does ignore serve on the forums, anyhow? Would I still be able to see the thread, just not his post?

ON TOPIC: Stamp your feet louder, watermelonfan. I don't think they heard you yet. You gotta get a real lather going or they'll just continue to ignore your demands.
I only made one comment on this thread that was demanding. after that I have been saying reasons why I think this should be fixed and why I am upset. And for the record, I am not an idiot. I am an A student in school. that's just for the record. And if you think what I am doing is so inmature then your not any better now that you called me an idiot. Please don't be a hypocrite. Another reason I am still complaining is because Bioware is ignoring this. Its very inmature and unprofessional to ignore a customer. I'm not saying they are required to fix it. They obiviously can't do everything that every customer wants. But its very bad service not to atleast acknowledge what a customer is saying.

I have also tried posting this issue in a less goofy manner. Those got no replies at all and far less views. So presenting this the way I am is better.