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12.12.2013 , 05:30 PM | #1
Up on today's News page is the following:

"We are excited to celebrate two years of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™! As our thanks to you, we’ll be rewarding all players with exclusive Scout Starfighter Paint Jobs and 25 stacks of faction-based fireworks on December 17, 2013."

That's extremely underwhelming. Considering the constant balancing act between what to permit for free for F2P players and giving subs reasons to stay subbed, it seems like BW would be better served by having a veteran rewards program for subs as opposed to only have these periodic minor rewards for everyone, regardless of length of time played. CoH had a pretty good veteran rewards program which had various benefits at every 3 months of sub time that got better and better the longer you subbed. I realize that this is just a reward for the anniversary of the game and not only for subs or based on length of time subbing, but it just highlights that some people have been subbing for 2 years now....and maybe they ought to think about throwing subs a bone in terms of some kind of veteran rewards program. Let's face it, not only are the subs actively contributing money to this game each month in terms of sub fees, but they are the ones spending most of the CM money too. F2P aren't spending any money and preferred people aren't even paying for a monthly sub so I doubt too many of them are the high spenders on the CM. It's not a make or break type of thing, but just seems like it would be good PR for a game that could use some PR.