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I am very disappointed in the whole concept for the following reasons:

1. Why develop starfighters when we have ships that could been used?
2. Why develop space arenas when the space around each planet could have been develop and use?
3. I like to explore, Where is the exploration?
I am more a PVE player than PVP but I will try to convert but, will you?

4. There should be a PVE side to this fight the same Groups that are fought on the ground. In fact a whole storyline could be created to cleanse the space around the main planets and not so main.

5. Maybe I missed something, I was hoping for more of a simulation hud then a shooter.

When it comes to Star Wars, you have to meet and exceed what has done before. Bar for exploration in Star Wars game infact any game was set by Star Wars Galaxies and all its expansions.

SWTOR might have a better graphics engine and better interactions but the freedom to explore is lacking.
I've been trying to get into GS but it appears I can't just do it casually. You pretty much have to be hardcore if you're gonna ever win a match and I don't really know if I want to dedicate too much time learning space PvP. Everyone in my clan just upgraded to the Xbox One so my CoD time is about to increase again so unless there is a more casual and free roaming GS I think I'll choose to shelve GS just like I did with ground PvP. I'm not saying it's not fun but I'd have to put in some serious time to get good cause I'm just not a video game God, please make a PvE version for us "casuals" BW!!!!