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Since the Cathar was actually added Ive been wondering if there are plans to add new playable species, I mean there are more humanoid alien species that can be adapted to be playable.

I was specially thinking on the Togruta because they are well know and liked on the star wars universe, Ive seen already people asking for it since the game was on development and there are already many models to start working with. I understand the big problem is the headgear compatibility I guess you can make the same as you did with twileks, adjust headbands to forehead, let the horns visible on some masks and hide them with some helmets that doesnt look aesthetic with them.
For hoods just design a hood for this kind of character or simply dont allow this characters to wear hoods.

I think its pretty easy to make the Togruta playable since most gear is already tested with Ashara.
They said they had clipping issues with the Togruta, because the head tentacles rest on the shoulders rather than being freestanding like the Twilek "Lekku", this apparaently affects the outfits when you equip.

But I would like to see more races available.
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