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They did say that If Cathar sold well then they would do new species. Cathar did well but still no new info and it's been some time now...
But how many times has BW said similar things and then failed to deliver?

Off the top of my head:
- Legacy system is very well accepted, but it has bee around 18 months since they've expanded it.
- Character Appearance kiosk was very well accepted, but we have not seen any new styles introduced since they first rolled-out the kiosks.
- Recurring events are very popular, but BW introduces new rewards at a snails pace ... so the last to BH Weeks have been completely uninteresting to me at least.
- CM used to offer up a new armor set for sale (not a gambling box armor set) with every new patch (~every 2 weeks). It's been months since the last armor set was introduced.

IMO, all of BW statements and promises have a very short shelf-life. It strongly suggests that BW has very poor direction/planning on a vision of where SWTOR is heading long-term.
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