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you have to remember those are static chars and a limited set of armor types. The one exception would be sith inquisitor companion, but again predetermined char, with set animations that DOES have clipping issues in many places.

Given 4 body types, 2 genders, and 3 armor types + all the adaptive armor, it can get rather difficult to update all art (or at least minimize the art) for clipping issues. Devs have said that togruta although popular does present a variety of problems. The Twi'lek was difficult enough and many art had to be tweaked for the lekku which only appear on the back and also tend to clip with items such as capes.

It may not "seem" difficult, but it isn't simply a point, click, and done deal.
And this is the thing we can hear ALL THE TIME since release. Now with all due respect to everyone, SWTOR characters already look really similar. Recolored humans with different hairdresses, little spikes on face, Twi'lek is the only one who has something "really different".

What I am saying is, that I can hardly find any excuse. Species are supposed to be different, giving as an apology ...
this... That sounds like saying "Ummm...we cannot put in this race, cause it is different".

I dont mean to offend devs, but is it problems or work they are actually talking about. One should have expected this in SW Universe and take this as neccesity. Not taking quick way out by giving players to pick from colorfull pallette of colorfull humans

Well of course, if that would trouble me so much, I would nost probably quit game back then, still in early access.
Anyhow Togruta's popularity seems to be really really big to ignore. And I just hope they see it the similar way...

Or stuff my face with something else .....ike housing xD