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So yeah, new expansion, not perfect, but still playable... and then RANT HAPPENED.

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Dear Bioware devs,

4: The targetting. Did you know that space is empty? Did you know there is absolutely no friction in space whatsoever? Do you know where I'm going with this? The laser bolts can't possible have a range of less than 5 kilometres in a frictionless environment. Not when a .50 calibre round out the end of a M98 Barrett is capable of travelling the same distance and still have room to kill, in the friction heavy environment of Earth. I must say that this is the most depressing oversight of all. I learnt that in my introduction to physics class in grade 6. Grow a brain stem to share between the lot of you at the least. Although after mass effect 3 I shouldn't be suprised. But heres some proof that you DID know this, and you were just too stupid to think of it again:

THAT is why we think about our designs! THAT is why you spend more than a fraction of a second thinking about weapon range! THAT is why, dear bioware devs, you do not eyeee ball it!

5: Heres a fantastic idea: Why dont we send in all of our small fighters, one by one in FTL so that we spend about 600 times the money in fuel AND make no sense whatsoever to the players character, repsawning in the middle of space, with a working fighter around them. I could also reference episode 4: a new hope and say: A fighter than size couldn't get this deep into space on its own... Maybe we just got lost? Is that why we were jumping into the battle rather than deploying from a ship? Maybe we were part of a convoy....
Because, you know, ARCADE-styled science FICTION as opposed to SEMI-REALISTIC SPACE COMBAT SIM.

But seeeeriously ... Look at the SPAWN POINTS. What's immediately below them? CAPITAL SHIPS. So, yeah, you're half right... but it doesn't make sense to have two capital ships slugging it out over a repair facility, when the collateral damage from the mutual bombardment would destroy the objective.

This is of course totally beside the point that the Star Wars movies are known for totally epic fighter-to-fighter space dogfight melee battles, so why not put them into the game as PvP?

This isn't Battlefront. If you like Battlefront better, go play Battlefront. No one's uninstalled it from your computer to install this.
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