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They did say that If Cathar sold well then they would do new species. Cathar did well but still no new info and it's been some time now...
It seems rather amusing, at least to me, they base their plans to implement new species on first one additional species that is Cathar. Now without any offense against our Cathar friends, i find that one hardly able to compete against Togruta, which is, as i dare to believe and say possibly twice or even more demanded all around SWTOR community and it has always been, even before the game's actual release.

There were different choices too, Nautolan for expamle. But it was said many times that issue is with clipping and designing armor. One would say that is beauty of SW universe when it comes to races, they look different. We could starightly go for game where we run as stick figures of different colors of rainbow.

But seriously, judging the possibility of selling people candy dependding on how they were buying vegetable seems to me sooo...strange at best