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Statement: This unit is most baffled by the Master’s lack of writing of my most excellent accomplishments and adventures. Solution: This unit has decided that he shall detail events in the Master’s stead. Warning: There will be multiple spoilers ahead, Meatbags. You have been warned!
Continuation: Chapter Four: HK Saves the Day…
“Hey, hey! What are you doing, HK?!”
Indignant Response: Completing your unfinished work, Master!
“I told you I was doing research to make the plot even more epic!”
Retort: Master, this unit has watched you play this SWTOR for far too long! You have become far too engrossed!
“Says the droid who can’t stop assassinating people.”
Proud Acknowledgement: This unit has been programmed to—
“I’m aware. You’re not taking my story, HK! If you want me to keep writing all you have to do is ask!”

“You’re not gonna ask, are you?”
Reply: No.
“Hmph. Fine.”
Query: Shall I inform the Meatbags of your return?
“Readers, HK. They are Readers.”
Clarification: Meatbag Readers

Sorry folks. I’ve been playing other alts in TOR, had to move, blah blah; boring stuff no one cares about. At any rate I’ve completed the JC and am almost done with the JK stories and I’ve figured some interesting ways to bring em in on the action!

With that being said I shall still attempt to warn you of potential spoilers; but know that nearly everything is going to be twisted and spoiled now. In honor of that claim know that there are potential Consular / Bounty Hunter spoilers and, as always, Sith Inquisitor spoilers in the upcoming chapter.

As a final note please understand that, having been away for a while, the author’s tone/voice may change slightly. For that I greatly apologize, as it is something that bothers me when I read. I’ll try and take care of it as swiftly as possible!

Again, thank you for reading and for being patient. Now back to the action!
“HK, you want to do the honors?”
Admission: Yes, Master. Statement: Chapter Four: HK Saves the Day

“That’s the title you want?”
Stiff Retort: Yes.
“Okay, okay. We’ll go with it.”

Chapter Four: HK Saves the Day

Pipsy-Zash squealed and scrambled to get out of Khem’s all-mighty grasp resulting in the Dashade rapidly losing patience and Ignite’s paramount frustrations tripling.
“For the love of the Emperor be quiet, Zash!” Ignite barked over his shoulder, feeling his heart pang when he saw his precious Jawa still possessed. “I don’t like it any more than you do!”
Pipsy cackled.
“Just a little further…” Ignite muttered, eager to see his droid once more. They exited the Temple to find HK standing at attention, countless bodies littered the courtyard and hillsides.
“A tad excessive, eh HK?” Ignite gestured to the carnage.
Proud Statement: Master I have vastly exceeded your kill count.
“I never told you about Korriban, HK.” Ignite chuckled.
Confused Query: Korriban? HK stiffened and snatched his blaster, whirling and firing three warning shots. Threat: Halt, Meatbags! This unit senses your approach!
Ignite flexed his fingers, eager to unleash some pent up rage. HK stood at the ready, blaster poised, with Khem at his side, the Dashade and Jawa both were staring in the direction HK looked. It didn’t take long for three figures to emerge.
Waresh the Bounty Hunter approached with his hands in clear view, his blasters holstered. Mako walked behind him, trying to keep his body between the dangerous Sith and herself. Gault walked forward with his hands held way in the air, greatly exaggerating his movements so to avoid being fried.
“This was your great plan, Waresh?” Gault hissed under his breath. “Walk in unarmed at their mercy?”
“There’s no way we’d beat him in a fair fight,” Mako insisted with a quaver in her voice. “Can’t you feel the power emanating from him?”
“He’s mad,” Waresh noted, his voice obscured by the Mandalorian helm he wore. “Don’t make any sudden moves.”
“I could’ve ended this earlier!” Gault persisted. “One shot!”
“Not the best time to be talking about that,” Mako sighed.
“The droid would have detected you,” Waresh agreed.
Boast: This unit has been observing you Meatbags upon my Master’s arrival at this location. Genuine Query: Were you impressed by this unit’s assassination protocols?
Gault fell on his knees and slammed his face to the ground. “Oh, yes! Master Droid! Please do not kill us!”
HK turned to regard Ignite. Statement: I like this Meatbag, Master.
Ignite rolled his eyes. “Look, I really don’t have the patience for this right now,” he growled. Gault was on his feet in an instant.
“Sorry, My Lord, or whatever it is I call you. All-powerful Sith. Most grac—“ Mako clamped a hand over Gault’s mouth.
“Would you shut up?!” She shrieked.
“Took the words right out of my mouth,” Ignite smirked slightly.
“Waresh, Champion of the Great Hunt,” the Bounty Hunter inclined his head in respect. Ignite nodded as well, folding his arms. “We came to deliver a message.”
“Oh?” Ignite raised an eyebrow.
Waresh whipped out his blasters faster than Mako thought possible, aiming one at the Sith and one at Pipsy. Surprisingly HK did not fire. Ignite turned to his droid, thoroughly puzzled.
Assurance: This unit detected no ill intent, Master. There was no need to liquidate the Meatbag.
“He’s holding a blaster at me,” Ignite gestured to Waresh.
Correction: He is holding a blaster at the Pipsqueak, Master.
“Oh for the love of!” Ignite threw his hands in the air. “I don’t have time for this!” The Twi’lek jammed his finger at Waresh. “My Jawa is possessed. My droid is mutinous. I can hear the Dashade’s stomach growling after he had a freaking col—“
“DO NOT mention that, Little Sith!” Khem growled.
“And my Pirate is Emperor knows where!” Ignite roared. “I’ve had it! Everything within a one mile radius is about to die!”
“I wouldn’t recommend that,” Waresh remained impassive. “I know that Jawa is important to you. You may fry me and my companions, but I’ll make sure she dies.”
Ignite twitched. HK lowered his blaster.
“What are you doing, HK?”
Reply: This Meatbag wishes to liquidate the Pipsqueak.
“Yeah, and you’re not going to let him do that, HK.”
Query: Why not, Master?
“Because YOU want to liquidate the Pipsqueak.”
HK’s blaster was at the ready in a heartbeat. Statement: As always you are quite correct, Master. This unit is greatly pleased you reminded him of such an important fact!
“What do you want, Hunter?” Ignite spat.
“I was given a job to track you down and deliver you to the Emperor,” Waresh informed. “Come peacefully, and we’ll get this over with. Resist and things won’t end well.”
“For you,” Ignite assured.
Waresh shrugged. “I’ve faced worse odds.”
“Well I certainly haven’t,” Gault informed.
“I’m not overtly fond of this plan,” Mako piped up.
Waresh didn’t flinch. “Trust me.”
“If I agree to this,” Ignite couldn’t believe he was even contemplating it. “Then I demand I be allowed to take my ship.”
“Only if we’re on it,” Waresh nodded.
“Yeah,” Ignite sighed. “No. HK! Weapons free!”
Statement: Prepare for liquidation, Meatbags! The Droid prepared to fire when all hell broke loose. Pipsy-Zash broke free of Khem’s grasp and bumped into HK, hitting a panel on his shin which caused his arm (gun attached) to go sailing at Waresh and company.
Mako squeaked and ducked; Gault caught the gun with his face. Waresh fired both blasters. The first bolt hit Khem in the chest, sending the Dashade into a rage; Khem howled and charged, intent on feasting well. The second bolt was deflected by Ignite who had long ignited his lightsaber, prepared to slice the Hunter in half. Waresh continued to fire while backing up. He tripped over Gault who grabbed HK’s hand and aimed it at the Sith.
“Halt! I’ve got a weapon!”
HK glared. Threat: Return my weapon and hand, Meatbag, or face liquidation!
Gault paused. “That’s got to be the most ridiculous request I’ve ever heard.”
Ignite snarled and slashed his lightsaber at the Devaronian. It was parried by a vibro-sword Waresh extended in the nick of time.
“Move,” he grunted against the Sith’s strength.
“On it,” Gault relinquished his weapon and grabbed Mako. “Let’s go, Princess!”
“I’m not a Prin—“
Disgusted Observation: Master, the Meatbags are escaping!
“I’m aware!” Ignite roared, falling into a Soresu stance to counter the Hunter’s vicious offensive. The Sith found himself impressed at Waresh’s prowess with a blade. “Khem! After them!”
The Dashade roared and gave chase. HK watched him go before slamming his face into his other arm, retracting his hand.
Self Notation: Liquidate the Pipsqueak immediately. HK cocked his head to the side. Query: Master, where is the Pipsqueak.
“I can tell you where she BETTER be!” Ignite snarled.
Acknowledgement: Noted, Master. The droid took a step forward to begin his search before smoke erupted throughout the entire area. Assurance: I will liquidate that Pipsqueak.
Ignite coughed and continued to fight; easily seeing through the smoke with the Force. His advantage now gone, Waresh ignited his jetpack and fled the area, easily catching up to his two companions and leading the way to safety.
Ignite emerged from the smoke with HK seconds later, noting the absence of the Hunter. He saw Khem walking back with Pipsy tucked under his arm.
“Thanks,” the Sith nodded at his friend. Khem grunted.
“They escaped, Master. Even on the battlefields of Yn and Chabosh I have never seen such chaos.”
“Certainly wasn’t our most glorious moment,” Ignite admitted. “We’ll keep this one to ourselves; no need for Andro to hear about it.”
“Agreed,” Khem intoned.
Both looked to HK.
Statement: Agreed.
“Now let’s get back to the ship and figure out this Zash issue,” Ignite took one step before noticing a figure approaching. “Not another one,” he sighed.
Warning: Master, the approaching Meatbag is very powerful.
“They would make a fine meal,” Khem noted.
“Not good,” Ignite felt a tremor in the force. “Thanaton.”
Ignite grabbed at the comlink in his ear. “Andro,” he called.
“Yep?” The Pirate responded immediately.
“We need evac. Stat.” Ignite said. “No questions. All haste.”
“On it,” Andro cut the connection.
“Stall,” Ignite held out his hands to both of his companions. He looked over to see Pipsy subdued and scrambling to hide behind the Dashade. “Definitely stall.”
Query: Shall I restrain from threats, Master?
“Do you value your core?”
HK stiffened. Indignant Retort: How can you threaten this superior mod—
“I wasn’t speaking of me, HK.”
Relieved Reply: Understood, Master.
There was another tremor in the Force and Lord Kallig stood before the Sith and his companions.
“Flesh of my flesh,” Kallig began. “There is little time. The approaching Sith wishes you harm.”
“No sh—“ Ignite’s reply was cut off by his ship roaring overhead. Andro skillfully placed it down; Khem and Pipsy-Zash were first on the ramp followed by HK. Ignite went last, Kallig following. The Sith turned to regard Thanatos whom had paused, his hands behind his back.
“Lets go, Andro,” Ignite called into his comlink. The ship immediately took off, halting a few feet from the ground. Ignite grasped the railing, nearly falling to the ground.
“Something’s holding us!” Andro called to Ignite.
Ignite growled and looked at Kallig. “A little help?!”
“You disappoint me, flesh of my flesh.”
“If you’re not going to say or do anything worthwhile, please, by all means, go away,” Ignite shooed the ghost off before closing his eyes and drawing on his own well of power. “The moment the ship is free, punch it,” Ignite called to Andronikus through the comlink.
The newly crowned Sith Lord drew deeply upon the Force before unleashing it in a great torrent of lightning. Thanatos was forced to counter, breaking his hold on the ship which lurched free. Ignite kept the stream up until they were a sufficient distance away. The Sith entered his ship to see everyone looking at him questioningly, even two-vee was silent.
Ignite turned to the ghost of Kallig. “I take it you’re going to give me some information?”
“Why, flesh of my flesh,” Kallig placed his arms behind his back. “I thought you’d never ask.”


“What exactly happened back there?” Mako demanded of Waresh now that they were safe on their own ship in orbit around Dromund Kaas.
“We missed our mark,” Waresh remained impassive.
“You threatened to sacrifice our lives!” Mako pointed. “I didn’t sign on for that!”
“Nor did I,” Gault quipped.
“Shut up,” Mako commanded. “You don’t get to make decisions that violate my safety!”
“You wanted to come, Mako,” Waresh’s eyes flashed dangerously. “I handled that situation to the best of my ability. The droid knew we were there; I could sense it in my gut. We’re alive. Getting mad does nothing about the fact that we missed our mark.”
Those words struck a chord in the girl and she paused her berating momentarily. He was right, after all, she had to admit. They were alive and they’d failed a direct order from the most powerful being in the galaxy.
“Sorry,” she muttered.
“It’s fine,” Waresh shrugged. “Now what are we going to do?”
Mako shook her head. “I don’t know. Tracking him down again will be troublesome; especially now that he knows we’re after him.”
“If only we had some friends,” Gault sighed. “I thought we were in this for the money, not how many ways can one die!”
“We’ll get the money,” Waresh assured.
“Friends!” Mako cried in joy. “That’s it!” She bolted to the holoterminal and began rapidly typing.
“You guys don’t have friends,” Gault reminded the pair. “Well, apart from myself.”
The holoterminal flickered and a Trandoshian appeared. “Hiya, Qyzen. How are you doing?”
“Soft thing calls. Why? Debt has been repaid.”
“You’re calling a guy with one eye?” Gault gestured in disbelief.
Waresh held his hand out for silence.
“Shutting up,” Gault leaned back against the wall.
“You remember when you introduced that Herald of the Scorekeeper to me?” She questioned sweetly.
“Yes, Herald is with Qyzen at the moment,” the Trandoshian nodded. “Why does soft thing ask?”
“Don’t suppose we could talk to him?”