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We cleared Raptus in HM 8M last week, and apart from the crazy step of instant death (never use an ability jump that will cross the step), we didn't notice any additional odd behaviours.

As for some of your other observations, here is my take on the mechanics:

- one healer get teleported to the entrance and got killed buy his big round AoE (healer was behind me far far away from it)
I believe the "stick" portion of the "stick and ball" AoE has unlimited range, so if the stick was lined up with the bridge, it would nuke anyone running back from the bridge.

- tanks getting thrown up in the air with full health and then insta killed.
I believe the boss casts Driving Thrust immediately on the tank who was knocked in the air. As a healer on this fight, I have observed tanks being hit for 36K damage. Keep the tank with aggro pegged at 100% HP to avoid the spike deaths.

- tank throw up in the air from middle of platform and throw him off the plafrom so his body was at the entrance
Anyone thrown off the end of the platform will have their body appear at the far end of the bridge.

- tanks running thru boss when he cast his wide AoE push - but even when far behind him, tank was still pulled back and pushed out of healers reach.
Make sure your tanks jump as they move behind the boss. This forces a server/client character position update so the server knows that the tank is out of the AoE. This is also the trick to use to ensure the server knows you are out of Anti-Gravity Field on the Corruptor Zero fight in Dread Fortress, or any other AoE for that matter.

- one tank got killed and other tank was solo tanking. boss has thrown this tank up in the air, placed his big red Aoe on the ground and then tank dropped straight in it. Usually this skill send you to the edge of the platform. this time it was straight up and down .....
If the tank was dead center in the middle of the platform when he was knocked in the air, he will go straight up and down. I believe the amount of lateral movement the tank will experience is directly related to how far away from the center of the platform they are when they leave the ground. This makes tanking the boss far from mid a very dangerous position. This is essentially the same mechanic as the Project Sav-Rak boss fight in the Lost Island flashpoint.

I hope this helps.
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