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12.10.2013 , 01:54 PM | #3
I can confirm that there seem to be some bugs in this fight, and as long as they are not fixed, we found the following workarounds:

- melee character getting instal killed if force leap towards boss form ramp.
Pretty obvious, don't leap towards the boss. You can also position the boss next to the throne and have your melees always stand on the throne, but I am not yet fully convinced of this tactic.

- tanks getting thrown up in the air with full health and then insta killed.
- tank throw up in the air from middle of platform and throw him off the plafrom so his body was at the entrance
Those two may be the same bug. I have a theory that the knockback is similar to the Savrip boss in Lost Island, so if your tanks stand as close to the boss as possible, and are always in the center of the platform, this should not happen. Not entirely sure though.

- tanks running thru boss when he cast his wide AoE push - but even when far behind him, tank was still pulled back and pushed out of healers reach.
This always happens due to lag. Make sure that your tanks are either stopping or hitting spacebar after exiting the AoE. That way, the client sends the current position to the server and you won't be knocked back.

In any case, the boss seems very susceptible to RNG right now, and I also have the feeling that it got more buggy with 2.5.