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well .. we went in today and tried to kill him (first time since 2.5 is out). Out come was that we didn't kill him but we encountered following bugs:

- melee character getting instal killed if force leap towards boss form ramp.

- if someone is combat rezed from ramp they get stuck below and are out of combat

- one healer get teleported to the entrance and got killed buy his big round AoE (healer was behind me far far away from it)

- tanks getting thrown up in the air with full health and then insta killed.

- tank throw up in the air from middle of platform and throw him off the plafrom so his body was at the entrance

- tanks running thru boss when he cast his wide AoE push - but even when far behind him, tank was still pulled back and pushed out of healers reach.

- boss pushed tank off the platfrom (not thru Lift Slash when he gets tanks up in the air but thru his normal push) when tank just slightly outside of the middle of the platform. He got insta killed. to combat that he started to tank boss against raised throne which helped in phase 1 and 2 but in phase 3 that would not work any more.

- one tank got killed and other tank was solo tanking. boss has thrown this tank up in the air, placed his big red Aoe on the ground and then tank dropped straight in it. Usually this skill send you to the edge of the platform. this time it was straight up and down .....

Anyone else encountered strange behaviour ?

we killed him already few times so tonight was like *** is happening .....
Getting really annoyed with fights with so many bugs (even if some of the above are not bugs).
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