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12.09.2013 , 05:32 PM | #1471
this was this past weekend, having recently gotten my Merc healer to 50+, i been trying to get some 50 hm runs with guildies we form a group, but we lacking a tank......we figured it couldn't be THAT bad to pug one (despite many many sarcastic remarks from other guildies).

we (55 sniper, 55 mara, 52 merc heals [me]) wait for a bit and we finally get a "tank" (50 sin) and false emperor....

we go in, say hi and all that, and the "tank" just stands there before the first trash pull..... i tell him that he can pull whenever he wants, and he finally does.......we almost wipe on trash, due to him going down faster than a ******'s panties, fortunately my two guildies were WAAAAY overgeared for the FP, and we managed to survive with just the tank dying..... that should have been a dead giveaway something was wrong, as he also had less HP than the healer....
we continue like this for a bit, with him not taunting, guarding the healer (instead of the ovious 55 ubergeared sniper), and waiting ages for pulling (afterwards we theorized he was just hoping someone else would pull/tank).

after the first boss on the bridge kills both the tank and me, and my guildies get him down, they decide to inspect the "tank" a perfectly full set of DPS gear.....then it dawns on us, and we asked him why he queued as a tank if he was DPS, to which, after being asked like 4 or 5 times he replies "i can queue as both so i do".... after some more prodding and asking / demanding he at least puts on some tanking gear, he misteriously disconnects.

Sniper pulls out Scorpio and we proceed to kick FP butt, even wtih my undergeared merc heals.

needless to say the votekick after he DC'd passed as swiftly as a bribe in congress.

all in all, i enjoyed the experience, since it really put my heals to a test, both when the fake tank was "tanking" and when Scorpio was tanking....
but it also pissed me off that a guy could pull the "i can so i do" card in a HM (i can understand in a lowbie SM fp before you know much bout the game).