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So I'm wanting to see what the cost in Cartel coins would be, if possible to have account wide stuff unlocked to play as F2P with the near ability of Pay to Play Subscriber.
It won't happen sadly, the way F2P is currently structured.

Yes, it's possible to unlock enough stuff to remove most (but not all) of the annoying F2P restrictions. Roughly speaking, the cost of buying those unlocks through cartel coins is more of less the same as purchasing the boxed game in the first place.

Though if you've been playing for a while, you can buy some of those unlocks using in-game credits. If you really plan ahead, different servers have different economies - prices can vary hugely. So pick a server with a low population and small trade community (RP servers are a good bet) and buy the account version of the unlocks (account unlocks work cross server and cross region). Of course you'll need to find a way to earn credits on that server first. Generally speaking, every F2P player should subscribe for 1 month THEN go F2P.

But even after you've bought all those unlocks, to actively do stuff at endgame you'll need to buy weekly passes. The cartel coin price of those weekly passes for ONE type of activity per month is roughly the same as the monthly subscription.

Oh and one weekly pass only works for one character. It's not an account wide unlock.

Want to do operations AND flashpoints each week... it's cheaper to subscribe.
Want to do operations on two or more characters each week... it's cheaper to subscribe.
Got a lot of alts already and want to actively use them for almost anything... it's cheaper to subscribe.

F2P is an extended trial. It's primary reason is to get people to subscribe (Bioware have said so at a cantina tour).
As a secondary benefit, it lets Bioware implement a cash shop for people already paying a subscription.

Imagine it: An MMO company says they're going to launch an MMO with a subscription AND a cash shop... they'd be lynched. Yet we accepted it after the fact - because mostly we were glad the game didn't go under.

F2P isn't a pay-as-you-go scheme. It *might* be cheaper, if you only play one character and only do one activity two or three weeks each month. Maybe you could get creative and pay for 1 weekly pass with credits and the next with cartel coins - but that sort of credit sink is hard to maintain on a busy server (with expensive GTN prices).

So the one-off unlocks cost the same as the boxed game and the weekly passes are more expensive than the subscription. SWTOR is F2P in name only. Oh and after you've bought all those account wide unlocks and temporary weekly unlocks, etc..... You'll end up subscribing, which gets you everything those unlocks bought - so you've effectively bought everything twice.

This line intentionally left blank.
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I actually laughed out loud.

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