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4: The targetting. Did you know that space is empty? Did you know there is absolutely no friction in space whatsoever? Do you know where I'm going with this? The laser bolts can't possible have a range of less than 5 kilometres in a frictionless environment. Not when a .50 calibre round out the end of a M98 Barrett is capable of travelling the same distance and still have room to kill, in the friction heavy environment of Earth. I must say that this is the most depressing oversight of all. I learnt that in my introduction to physics class in grade 6. Grow a brain stem to share between the lot of you at the least. Although after mass effect 3 I shouldn't be suprised. But heres some proof that you DID know this, and you were just too stupid to think of it again:

So I saw this and just thought about how stupid it is to compare an energy based weapon with a M98 round. Yes, space is empty and without friction. Therefore, if you fired a bullet, it would continue at its initial velocity forever or until it hit something. However, energy based weapons will lose energy the further out they go. It's not that the blaster just stops, like a bullet would in an atmosphere. I highly doubt you learned physics about a fictional weapon in space in 6th grade. Quit ************ and move on to a new game.

Also, more content will be released next year. If you weren't such a dick-wad, maybe using constructive, adult criticism would be more effective than acting like a child throwing a tantrum.
LOL! Whats the matter kiddo? Did you get a little butthurt that maybe someone disagreed with you? Waste of oxygen. And youre also wrong about the energy of the weapons. Energy cannot be created or destroyed and therefore a bolt of energy is just that: A bolt of energy. It cant just dissapate into nothingness afteer its gone 5 thousand metres from its source. You really are a genius son.

Maybe the reasons you doubt I learned about fictional weapons in space during grade 6 are: A.) You never got past grade 5. B.) You didn't read my sentence properly. C.) You COULDN'T read my sentence properly because of the aforementioned issue of not getting past grade 5. Cos you see, what I actually said was that I learned about friction in grade 6 during an introduction to physics. So you know, way to go. You're really do pack a model human brain in that inbred skull of yours.

A child throwing a tantrum? You sir, are retarded. They asked for feedback on it and they got my feedback, now you're throwing a tantrum because you think differently. How DARE I actually be disappointed with a part of a game I subscribe to monthly!? Outrageous I tell you! What I did in that post was lay out exactly what they did wrong and how they could fix it. How much more constructive does it get?

Grow up. You're looking for arguments where non exist because someone actually deflated your ego a little bit by pointing out issues that you are too stupid to see.