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12.08.2013 , 07:32 AM | #18
Most of these will fall quickly, but I just wanted to see where things are at now and did some parsing on a number of characters. Too many toons with gear spread too thinly among them (wtb more Initiative 31/34s) and bad relics. All rotations but the sage still need work. Merc parse turned into a disaster at the end and thus won't be included. Still can't figure out how to get good DPS out of Aim classes. Sent is retired, PT has no gear, and don't have a DPS Sin/Shadow yet.

All 72 Mh, 78 Oh

Mugennana Balance Sage 5/5/36 3180 DPS
Half unoptimized 78/75 mods, half 72 enhancements, still some 72 armorings, PvP Mainstat relics/UW SA relics

Mugenshi Marksman Sniper 36/3/7 3190 DPS
Half 78/half 72 gear, PvP SA relic, still a clicky UW BA (wtb double proc-capable relic)

Mugengo Dirty Fighting Scoundrel 3/7/35 3136 DPS
Some unoptimized 78s, all 72/69 enhancements, SA PvP relic + an old EWH relic

Mugensan Rage Juggernaut 0/10/36 2757 DPS
72/69 except for OH, unoptimized 78 implants, PvP SA and DG clicky relic

*Edit* Chet, where's the Sin parse? Maaaayyybe if you do really well Sting will let you DPS on your Sin just once. Maybe.